Invitation to the English Book Club

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I love talking to you about literature: your favorite novels, those you are reading right now, what you think and thought of them. Sadly, though, we barely ever get to do that in class ... Reason enough for us to meet outside of class to simply talk about our passion for books – without having to write essays or analyses, without having to focus on a curriculum.

If that sounds like a plan to you, you have got to join our English book club! We’ll meet once a month – during which we’ll all read the same novel – to do what we all love: drink some tea, have some cookies and – above all – talk about books.

There is no friend as loyal as a book.
–Ernest Hemingway

If you are in grades EF, Q1 or Q2 and you love, love, love reading, then go get yourself a copy of John Green’s masterpiece Looking For Alaska, immerse yourself into the story and meet us on 7 June at 5 pm. (The place will be announced later – depending on the weather situation.) Can’t wait to see you! – Miss Knoth